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Elevated Street

Once reserved for sub cultures and underground fashion, the evolution of Street Style has risen and is commonplace in today’s high-fashion community. Bubbling up from youth culture, large corporations have adopted and adapted the trend, creating unique hybrid styles known as ‘Elevated Street’ or ‘Urban Wear’. Easily and directly accessed through the technology of today, brands are able to pick up trends quickly and directly and straight from the source. This season we’re seeing chunky sneakers (or trainers depending on which side of the pond you’re from), long belts, oversized clothes and, of course, skinny sunnies.
Elevated Street Style
Phil Oh (Mr Street Peeper) and Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) were early adopters of influencing the ‘Elevated Street’ scene, lending much of their social feed space to capturing the colour and personality of the trend. Oh’s street photography captures big name Fashion influencers in candidly relatable places and styles whereas Schuman captures a more intimate relationship with his subjects. Both breathe a vibrancy into their imagery making the look feel accessible and easy for the viewer to embrace.
Elevated Street


Our design team scour the globe for inspiration, closely study emerging trends and are constantly developing new materials to build our frames from. 'Elevated Street' inspired our skinny profile sustainable collection as well as upcoming 2019 styles. You can look forward to more sleek silhouettes, bright colour acetates, mixed textures and the usual stylish Vow signature. Streetwear influence has become a staple of fashion inspiration and we are excited to see what new trends emerge.




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