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Find sunglasses to suit your face shape

If you're looking for sunglasses to suit your face shape we've put together a quick and easy guide to follow. And, if you're not sure what kind of face shape you are try tracing around a selfie or outline your face on a mirror using an easy to wash off marker. Your face should fall in to one of the four shapes below....

A round face has wider cheek bones, softer angles with forehead and jaw at equal width. Rectangular and angular frames will give your face a longer and narrower look. Round faces should try to avoid round silhouettes.

A strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide cheek bones make the perfect candidate for nearly all sunglasses but wider frames soften angles and bring out the best in square faces. Cat eye styles are especially flattering but we also recommend Aviator and round silhouettes.


Heart shaped faces are typically characterised by a broader brow that gradually narrows to the chin. Choosing frames with wider bottoms or lowered thin temples elongate your look and direct attention downward. Light colours, two-tones, rounds and angled cats suit your shape.


An oval face suits almost all sunglasses silhouettes with symmetrical styles being favoured for proportioned orientation. Whether round, rectangular or square, oval faces benefit from styles that stretch to the widest part of the face.


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